Distributed operating systems and high level language like … Very cheap as compared to previous generation computers. That is, the programmer specifies what has to be done (i.e., what the output should be) instead of how the task is to be performed. VLSI circuits having about 5000 transistors and other circuit elements with their associated circuits on a single chip made it possible to have microcomputers of fourth generation. Use of IC in the computer provides the small size of the computer. Advantages of the fourth generation of computer. Very reliable. The main advantages are, Due to the VLSI technology, the computer was very small in size. The 2nd generation Computers were m ore reliable ; Used less energy and were not heated. The period of fourth generation was from 1971-1980. IC not only reduce the size of the computer but it also improves the performance of the computer as compared to previous computers. This generation of computers … They generate much lesser heat and require less maintenance compared … They were fast and reliable. Advantages. Disadvantage of fourth generation computer: Disadvantages of 3rd Generation Computers: Air conditioning was needed. Hard to maintain the Integrated circuits. Advantages: These computers were cheaper as compared to second-generation computers. The first microprocessor chip, Intel 4004 chip, was developed in 1971. Smallest in size because of high component density. FORTRAN is still useful, but its domain is limited to what is now one of the smallest application spaces: very high performance scientific computing. The fourth generation computers are characterized by microprocessors, which contain a large number of integrated circuits (IC). This technology used a microprocessor instead of integrated circuits. 1975-1989 was the period of fourth-generation computers. Heat generated is … Smaller in size as compared to the first generation computers. The examples of second generation computers are IBM 7094 series, IBM 1400 series and CDC 164 etc. Computers of fourth generation used Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits. The computers of the fourth generation use large scale integration which means a lot of integrated components can fit on the same piece of board that it would have been in compared to the third generation ... then a … Fourth Generation Computers- Some of the advantages of fourth generations computers are as follows- The use of LSI, VLSI and semiconductor technologies made these computers very powerful in terms of … Discuss fourth generation languages with its advantages and disadvantages. 10 Feb. ... Ans. There were many advantages to fourth generations computers. First Generation Computers (1946-1959) The computers produced during the period 1946-1959 with the them technology are regarded as the first generation computer. Wider commercial use; Better portability as compared to the first generation computers. (2) Small, affordable, reliable and easy-to-use. All computer generations have some advantage and disadvantage today we explain some computer generation advantages and disadvantages. (5) Rapid software development possible. LISP gave birth to … FORTRAN/LISP: Lack of knowledge about the direction of computing progress. Listed below are advantages of fourth generation computer: (1) Practically maintenance -free. Advantages of Fourth Generation Computer. advantages and disadvantages of 4th generation computer. One definition of a fourth generation language (4GL) is that it is non-procedural language. (3) Easier to produce commercially. (4) Fourth-Generation Of Computers. Advantages. Fourth Generation of Computer ( 1971 to present ) The microprocessor has resulted in the fourth generation computers being smaller and cheaper than their predecessors. (4) Less power requirement. The fourth generation computers are also portable and more reliable.
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